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Talking sustainability is no longer enough and we must all do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. At TK UK we are aware of our responsibilities as a company to reduce our impact on the environment, particularly in the case of CO2 emissions to help combat climate change. We are far from reaching net zero and have a long way to go, but below are some of the current steps we are/have taken to at least begin this important process.

Minimisation of Waste
TK aims to reduce its production of waste as much as possible. All waste is recycled wherever possible and we use waste solution specialists to further minimise our impact.

Reduction in Paper Consumption
Internally we aim to operate with as little paper as possible and maximise the proportion from sustainable and recycled materials. We also encourage our customers to do the same.

Reusing Packaging
TK receives large numbers of cardboard boxes in to its premises, many of which are in very good condition. Where possible, we will always look to re-use these to ship out orders and avoid using new boxes. We’re aware that re-used boxes do not sometimes look pristine, but we believe this is a small scarifice to reduce the environmental impact. We also try to combine shipments with a view to further reducing cardboard usage. Kraft Paper Tape is now used as standard (and where viable) on all outgoing parcels.

New Packaging
We are moving across recycled card packaging where possible. Where plastic is used, we aim to use recycled material as much as possible and/or ensure it is fully recycled. This is a gradual process but one that we are fully committed to. We have also transitioned across to ‘double use’ and fully compostable mailing bags recently for some smaller deliveres sent by Royal Mail. DPD have their own packaging which we use, in this case, it is made from 80% recycled material and is fully recyclable.

TK UK uses energy efficient LED lighting across the board and all staff are encouraged to only use lighting when needed and turn this off when not in use. Some residual older style lights are still used occasionally, but these are being phased out for more energy efficient LED options.

Use of Recycled Fabric
We are fully aware that polyester fabrics have an impact on the environment. Over the short/medium term we are looking to use recycled materials as much as possible. For example, new garments are planned for 2022 which use recycled polyester alongside cotton (natural) and we also have options to produce playing shirts from recycled polyester.

Delivery Partners
We use DPD for the majority of domestic and international shipments leaving TK UK (we use Royal Mail for smaller shipments). DPD are aware that sustainability is a huge challenge and they have a number of targets in place to achieve this, further details of which can be found here:

We also use DHL for some incoming deliveries when needed, they too have a drive to achieve greater sustainbility and details of their plans and targets can be found here:

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